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What are the parts of a drum auger?

What are the parts of a drum auger?

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basic drain auger The basic drain auger (coil and auger head) is the main working part of every type of drain snake.

For more information, see: What are the parts of a drain auger?

labelled drum auger

Drum auger drum

drum auger The drum contains the snake and keeps it from tangling, making it more manageable to store and use.

Drum auger handle and handhold

turning handle and handhold on drum auger The purpose of the turning handle on the drum auger is to rotate the snake. Although there are versions which automatically feed the snake out, these are rarer.

The handhold steadies the auger as you use it.

Drum auger stop / start mechanism

example of locking mechanism for drum auger The user is usually required to pull the snake out by hand.

The stop/ start screw on the drum auger (which varies from model to model) allows you to control how much of the snake is released at a time.

Drum auger power drill attachment

drill attached to drum auger Sometimes there will be a place on the back of a drum auger for a power drill to be attached. A drill can be used on a low setting to rotate the snake.

The drill is slotted onto the attachment and then tightened, as you would with a drill bit.

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