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What is a barbed drain unclogger?

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barbed drain unclogger A drain unclogger consists of a small (in comparison to drain augers) length of plastic, which has barbs protruding towards the handle end.
water going down a plughole They are pushed down plug holes in order to dislodge or remove blockages.
lots of hair (Rapunzel) The main cause of blockages in bathrooms is hair, and barbed drain uncloggers are ideal for pulling out the clumps. They are not limited to bathroom drains however; barbed drain uncloggers are also useful for pushing through debris in all U-bends; kitchens and bathrooms alike.
barbed drain unclogger removing hair from bath A barbed drain unclogger is a handy tool which anyone can use.
drain claw There is a very similar tool called a drain claw, which works in the same way as a barbed unclogger. Drain claws resemble a mascara brush on the end of a long, bendy pipe.