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How to unblock a toilet with a closet auger?

How to unblock a toilet with a closet auger

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toilet / closet auger drain snake The 3ft and 6ft closer auger are used in a very similar manner. There are extra steps for the release of the extra cable in the 6ft auger. If you have a 3ft auger the instructions will advise which steps to miss out.

Inserting the auger…

place towels/ cloth around toilet

Step 1 – Cover floor

Although using a closet auger should not be too messy a job, it is best to lay down towels or paper before you start. This will also be useful when you remove the auger and any blockages.

Unclip the auger head

Step 2 – Unclip

Unclip the auger head from its storage clip.

pull up inner tube of closet auger

Step 3 – Pull up handle

Holding the handle and the centre of the tube, pull the handle (and inner tube) upwards to retract the exposed snake.

place auger in toilet bowl

Step 4 – Place auger in bowl

Place the auger into the toilet. The bowl guard should be pointing away from you and may require a little rotating to ensure it is placed correctly, with the auger head moving through the pipe.

Rotate and lower closet auger handle

Step 5 –  Rotate and feed

Begin to rotate the handle clockwise, whilst applying minimal pressure. This will feed the inner tube, and subsequently the snake, downwards into the toilet system.

 You may feel some resistance whilst rotating the auger handle, this is probably the auger encoutering a blockage. Continue to rotate and feed the snake beyond the blockage.
rotate closet auger handle clockwise

Step 6 – Rapid rotation

When the handle is fully lowered; rapidly rotate it in a clockwise direction.

For 6ft augers continue straight on, if you have a 3ft auger skip ahead to step 10.

For six foot closet augers only…

push button to release extra snake on toilet auger

Step 7 – Push snake button

To release the extra three feet of snake and clear blockages from beyond the toilet fixture, push the button at the top of the inner tube.

pull up inner tube of closet auger

Step 8 – Pull up tube

Slide the tube right up until it clicks into a new position.

push and rotate toilet auger handle

Step 9- Rotate and lower

Repeat steps five and six; rotating and lowering the handle. Finish with several fast clockwise rotations.

Removing the auger…

water siphoning away whilst toilet auger inserted If you have encountered a blockage during the previous steps, you may have noticed the rotation become more difficult or the water level in the toilet fall; this means the auger is working.

Don’t worry if not though, the process often needs repeating several times.

if unblocked, flush the toilet

Step 10- Flush the toilet

If the water level has dropped and the blockage is caught or dislodged, flush the chain.

This will clear the pipes and clean the snake.

pull the handle of closet auger up

Step 11- Pull up handle

Pull the handle upwards to full capacity.

For 6ft augers continue straight on, if you have a 3ft auger skip ahead to step 15.

 If a blockage is caught on the auger, it may prevent the snake retracting. In this case, you will need to gently remove some of the tool from the bowl and pull off the blockage. Have a bag ready to dispose of the mess.

For six foot closet augers only…

push lower button on inner tube of closet auger

Step 12- Push the button

Push the button at the bottom of the inner tube.

push closet auger handles back together

Step 13- Lower handle

Push the handle back to its smallest position, without rotating.

pull up closet auger handle to full capacity

Step 14- Pull up handle

Again, pull the handle up to full capacity.

For all closet augers…

place auger on paper

Step 15- Remove auger from bowl

Carefully remove the auger from the toilet bowl and place on the pre-laid towel or paper. This should catch drips and mess.

flush the toilet

Step 16- Flush the toilet

Flush the toilet again to check it is draining correctly.

toilet still blocked

Step 17- Repeat if necessary

If the blockage is not cleared and the toilet is still not flushing correctly, then the whole process may need repeating.

When you have finished with your auger…

clip auger head back in to place

Step 18- Push down handle and clip snake

Release the snake by pushing down the handle and re-clip the auger head into position.

call the plumber If the blockage is not cleared after snaking, then there may be a problem further down the drainage system and a plumber should be contacted.

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