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What is a power drum auger?

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drum and power drum augers A power drum auger is very similar to a drum auger. Like the drum auger, it houses the snake within a drum to keep it neat and untangled. The handhold and locking mechanisms also work in the same way.
power drum auger drill body The feature that distinguishes a power drum auger is the built-in power drill which means no manual turning is ever necessary. However, those without an automatic feeding feature will still require the snake to be dispensed by hand.
power drum auger in use Power drum augers are available with snakes of various diameters and can, therefore, be used for many applications – both in internal and external drainage. However, they are far more expensive than regular drum augers and the only difference is the effort required. Power drum augers are more for professional plumbers and drain cleaners who will need to use them regularly, rather than for DIYers.