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What are the parts of a power drum auger?

What are the parts of a power drum auger?

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basic drain auger The basic drain auger (coil and auger head) is the main working part of every type of drain snake. 
labelled power drum auger

Power drum auger drum

drum and power drum augers Power drum augers are very similar to drum augers. Like drum augers, they house the snake within a drum to keep it neat and untangled. The handhold and locking mechanisms also work in the same way.

Power drum auger drill

power drum auger drill body The feature that distinguishes a power drum auger is the built-in power drill which means that no manual turning is ever necessary. However, those without an automatic feeding feature will still require the snake to be dispensed by hand.

Alternative designs of power drum augers

power drum auger in stand Powered augers can also come with a stand. These augers work in the same way, but can sit flat or elevated and only require steadying.

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