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What is a drum auger?

What is a drum auger?

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drum auger / drum drain snake Drum augers are also sometimes referred to as hand augers.
storing a drain auger in a bucket, tangled and messy The drum contains the snake, keeping it neat and more manageable. The drums are specially designed to keep the snake from tangling and kinking.
dependent on diameter within Unlike the closet auger, drum augers are not specialised for one purpose. They can be used for a number of applications depending on the length and diameter of the snake within.
drum auger being used on internal drain Snakes with small diameters of around 6mm (1/4″) are suitable for most household waste systems, including: sinks, showers and baths.

Whereas, snakes with a larger diameter (5/16″ or bigger) are required for toilets and external drains where the pipes are wider.

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