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What are drain augers and gully grabs?

What are drain augers and gully grabs?

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kitchen sink, bath, toilet, basin, plug hole Drain augers and gully grabs are a selection of tools used to unblock drains and toilets. The toilet, the kitchen sink, basins, the bath, the shower and even the outside drains, there are so many things that can go wrong. It is an easy task to create a blockage but a daunting one to clear it.
blocked drain Depending on where the blockage is, the cause and its severity, there are many options for repair and several specialist tools to consider. These include: drain augers, gully grabs and barbed drain uncloggers.

Drain augers

basic drain auger/ snake Drain augers consist of a long, thin coil which has an auger head on one end. They are fed in to the affected drainage system in order to catch and dislodge soft blockages or trapped items.

Drain augers are available in varying types and for differing applications.

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Barbed drain uncloggers

barbed drain unclogger A barbed drain unclogger is a length of plastic with barbs and a handle. It is threaded down plug holes a short distance to remove any build-up of hair and push through other blockages. Barbed drain uncloggers are sometimes referred to as mini drain augers.

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Gully grabs

gulley grabber Another tool, exclusively for external drains, is the gully grab. This features a scoop on the end of a long pole, which is operated by a pulley system on the opposite end.

Gully grabs can reach into manholes, septic tanks and gullies (small external rain drains) and grab any silt and/or debris.

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