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How to choose a tube cutter?

How to choose a tube cutter?

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Tube cutters The type of tube cutter you require will depend on the job it is needed for.

Ratchet tube cutters

Ratchet tube cutter Ratchet tube cutters are the simplest and easiest to use and can cut tubes of a wide range of sizes. This means they are very versatile and useful if cutting tubes of a variety of sizes.

Soil and drain tube cutters

Soil and drain tube cutter If you need to cut tube for soil and drain purposes you will need to use the soil and drain tube cutter which is purpose built for tubes of this type.

Three way tube cutters

3 way tube cutter The three way tube cutter is one of the best cutters for making sure the tubing does not warp or become damaged during the cutting process. However, as it only has cutting slots for certain tube sizes, it can be limited. If you are only cutting small water and electric tubing, however, this could be the perfect tool for the job.

Power tube cutters

Power tube cutter If cutting plastic tubing is a daily occurrence, then the power tube cutter would be the most beneficial as it cuts the tubing in seconds and does not cause hand fatigue for the user.However, this tool is much more expensive than manual cutters and, therefore, its price might only be justified if tube cutting daily.

Pivot tube cutters

Pivot tube cutter The pivot joint tube cutter is useful for occasional cutting as it is very small so it can be easily transported. However, due it being very small it has a limited cutting range

Wheel tube cutters

Wheel tube cutter The wheel tube cutter is best for use on thick or hard plastics, such as acrylic, because it cuts in a circular motion like a pipe cutter. Cutting this way means the blade does not have to cut straight through the tube wall in one motion, which can cause hard plastics to crack.
Power tube cutter The power tube cutter is also useful when cutting hard plastics, although it is much more expensive than the wheel tube cutter.

Trigger tube cutters

trigger tube cutter The trigger tube cutter is the easiest to use as it has a easy grip handle and trigger pull. For this reason, it may be the most useful for inexperienced users

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