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What is a three way tube cutter?

What is a three way tube cutter?

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Three way tube cutter The three way tube cutter has three individual slots for tubing of three specific sizes. It works in the same way as a ratchet tube cutter, through the user squeezing the handles together to create a cut.
3 way tube cutter cutting through tubing As the cutter has slots that are shaped for specific sizes of tube, it prevents any warping during cutting. As the slots are the same shape as the tube, the tubing is not flattened at all, which is the main cause of warping.
   Wonkee Donkee says; Warping is when the tube cracks or becomes misshapen under the pressure of the blade.
Acrylic tubing As a result, this cutter is ideal for use on harder plastic tubing, such as acrylic or PVC tubing, or thicker-walled tubing where warping may cause the most damage.


3 way tube cutter slot sizes; 16mm, 20mm and 25mm The three way cutter has three slots which are three set sizes, these are; 16mm (0.6″), 20mm (0.8″) and 25mm (1″).As the cutter can only cater to these specific sizes of tubing, it is not as versatile as the ratchet tube cutter. However, it does match the sizes of the most common small electrical and drain tubing sizes, so is ideal if it is mainly needed for this task.

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