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How to use a power tube cutter?

How to use a power tube cutter?

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Step 1 – Turn off water

If cutting an existing water tubing system, make sure the water is turned off before you begin.

LED light switch

Step 2 – Turn on LED light

If working in a low-lit area, turn on the cutter’s LED light by flicking the switch near the blade.

Safety lock button

Step 3 – Release safety button

Push the cutter’s safety button, located in the tool’s jaw, to release it and allow the tool to be used.

Power tube cutter in use

Step 4 – Insert tube

Place the tube in the jaw holding it steady with one hand.

Using a power tube cutter

Step 5 – Make cut

Push the downward control button to move the blade down through the tube.

Quick blade release button

Step 6 – Raise blade

Once the cut has been completed, push the upward control button to slowly raise the blade, or push the quick blade release button to instantly move the blade back to its original position.

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