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What is a power tube cutter?

What is a power tube cutter?

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Power tube cutter The power tube cutter is battery operated and has a 75 watt motor to allow cuts to be made through plastic materials such as PVC, CPVC and PEX in seconds.
power tube cutter directional arrows The blade is pointed in the centre to help first pierce the tube and can be precisely controlled by using the front control buttons to move the blade backwards and forwards.
Power tube cutter cutting through plastic tubing The power tube cutter makes straight, square cuts as its jaw and fast-moving blade prevent warping.
Wonkee Donkee says; It is important that the cuts are made square, especially for water pipes as if they are not square the joints may not fit correctly and this can cause leaks
Power tube cutter with light The power tube cutter also has an LED light by the blade which allows the user to see better in low light areas.


Plastic tubing sizes; 3mm & 42mm The power tube cutter only comes in one size, but the jaw can hold and cut tubes ranging from 3mm (0.1″) – 42mm (1.6″).

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