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What is a wheel tube cutter?

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Wheel tube cutter The wheel tube cutter is called a wheel cutter because it is circular in shape. It is different from other tube cutters, as it cuts the tube in a circular motion rather slicing down through the tube.
Plastic tubing system The wheel tube cutter is useful in small or hard-to-reach areas. For example, if you are cutting tubing that is already in position and the tube is obscured by other tubing.Its size makes it ideal for these situations, however it does require 360° access around the tube to make a cut, as the cutter needs to be rotated completely around the tube.
Wheel cutter cutting plastic tubing The wheel tube cutter is useful for cutting harder plastic tubing, such as acrylic, as it does not exert pressure on the tube which can cause warping. Furthermore, the fact that it does not exert pressure on the tube means that it is useful for cutting in colder temperatures, when tubing is prone to cracking.


Size of wheel tube cutter; 42mm & 15mm The wheel tube cutter comes in sizes ranging from 15mm (0.6″) to 50mm (1.9″). This size refers to the size of tubing the cutter can be used on.