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What are the different types of tube cutter?

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Ratchet tube cutters

Ratchet tube cutter The ratchet tube cutter has a ratchet system to cut the pipe. It is opened and closed around the tubing three to four times to complete a cut. It is a very versatile tool as it can be used to cut most tube sizes and materials.For more information, see our page: What is a ratchet tube cutter?

Three way tube cutters

Three way tube cutter The three way tube cutter has a rotating slots system which allows it to cut three different sizes of pipe.For more information, see our page: What is a three way tube cutter?

Power tube cutters

Power tube cutter The power tube cutter has a 75 watt motor which powers the blade to cut plastic tubing in four seconds. This is useful if a lot of tubing needs to be cut quickly.For more information, see our page: What is a power tube cutter?

Wheel tube cutters

Wheel tube cutter The wheel tube cutter is placed around the tube to cut it. As it is small, it is good for use in tight areas and with groups of tubing.For more information, see our page: What is a wheel tube cutter?

Pivot joint tube cutters

Pivot tube cutter The pivot joint tube cutter is one of the smaller tube cutters, therefore used to cut small tubing, between 3mm (0.1″) and 16mm (0.6″) in diameter. The tube is placed in the cutter, then the top section is pushed down to make the cut.For more information, see our page: What is a pivot joint tube cutter?

Trigger tube cutters

Trigger tube cutter The trigger tube cutter has a trigger handle which controls the blade. It also has tube rest to avoid warping. It can be used to cut a number of differently sized plastic tubes.For more information, see our page: What is a trigger tube cutter?

Soil and drain tube cutters

Drain and soil tube cutter The soil and drain tube cutter can be used to cut and bevel soil and drain pipes. These are much larger than other cutters used for plastic tubing, and cut in a circular motion.For more information, see our page: What is a soil and drain tube cutter?