How to use a pivot tube cutter

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 Tubing 3mm and 16mm diameter 

Step 1 - Check size

Make sure your tubing is between 3mm (0.1") and 16mm (0.6") in diameter, as the pivot tube cutter will only cut very small tubing.

 Pivot tube cutter 

Step 2 - Open cutter

Ensure the tool is used with the blade piece on the top. With one hand, squeeze the pivot end of the tool to open it.

 Pivot tube cutter 

Step 3 - Insert tube

Place the tube in the cutter, so that it is resting in the small jaw beneath the blade.

 Pivot tube cutter 

Step 4 - Make cut

Release the tool from your fingertips and the spring will force the blade into the tube. 

 Pivot tube cutter 

Step 5 - Complete cut

Press down on the blade piece to make sure the blade has gone completely through the tubing. 

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