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How to use a trigger tube cutter?

How to use a trigger tube cutter?

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PVC pipe

Step 1 – Turn off water

If cutting an existing water tubing system, make sure the water is turned off before you begin.

Trigger tube cutter

Step 2 – Insert tube

Place the tube in the tube rest, holding it steady with one hand.

Holding a trigger tube cutter

Step 3 – Grip tool

Hold the tool with your fingers spread out over the front trigger handle with the back handle resting in your palm.

Trigger tube cutter in use

Step 4 – Make cut

Pull the trigger handle backwards with your fingers to push the blade through the tube. Do this carefully so that the tube warps as little as possible.

Trigger tube cutter quick release button

Step 5 – Retract blade

Once the cut has been made, release the trigger handle to retract the blade or press the quick release button on the back of the tool to retract it instantly.

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