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How to replace a tube cutter blade?

How to replace a tube cutter blade?

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Spare tube cutter blade Most tube cutters have replacement blades available for when the current blade becomes dull. Each manufacturer will have different blades, so it is important to check the product information of your tube cutter to ensure that you purchase the correct blade.
Pivot joint tube cutter As the pivot joint tube cutter is already so cheap, its blade cannot be replaced. The wheel tube cutter’s blade can also not be replaced.

How to replace the blade

Removing a ratchet tube cutter blade On most tube cutters the blade is replaced very simply by;

1. Unscrewing the blade

2.  Removing the old blade from its position
3. Inserting the new blade and screwing it back in.
Power tube cutter blade removal switch On the power tube cutter the blade is held in by a pin. The tool has a blade removal switch which, when pushed, releases the blade so that it can be removed and replaced with a new blade. Once the new blade is inserted, the removal switch can be released to lock the new blade in place.
Unscrew bracket of soil and drain tube cutter to change the cutting blade The soil and drain tube cutter also comes with a replaceable blade. On the soil and drain tube cutter, the bracket holding the handle and blade to the tool is unscrewed to allow the blade to be changed, then screwed back on.

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