What are the parts of a trigger tube cutter?

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    Parts of a trigger tube cutter; blade, trigger handle, quick blade release, tube rest 

Trigger tube cutter blade

 Parts of a trigger tube cutter; blade 

The blade of the trigger tube cutter is operated when the trigger handle is pulled backwards, causing the blade to be pushed forward through the tubing. It takes around 3 movements to complete a cut.


Trigger tube cutter tube rest

 Parts of a trigger tube cutter; tube rest 

The rounded tube rest is where the plastic tubing is lain to be cut. The tube rest prevents some warping because it absorbs a fraction of the pressure being exerted. 


Trigger tube cutter trigger handle

 Parts of a trigger tube cutter; trigger handle 

The trigger handle uses the fingers to pull the handle backwards to control the blade. It is shaped to the fingers to provide more comfort to the user when exerting pressure.


Trigger tube cutter quick blade release button

 Parts of a trigger tube cutter; quick blade release button 

The trigger tube cutter has a quick blade release button on the back of the tool. When pressed, it quickly pulls back the blade without the user having to release the trigger handle. This is useful if the user needs to work quickly. 

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