What are the parts of a three way tube cutter?

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  Parts of a 3 way tube cutter; handles, blade and 3 pre-stressed cutting slots 

Three way tube cutter blade

 three way cutter blade 

The blade of the three way cutter is operated when the handles are squeezed together. It has a sharpened bottom edge to cut through the plastic.


3 pre-stressed three way tube cutter cutting slots

 Three cutting slots 

The three way cutter has three cutting slots which are shaped to fit specific sized tubing. The slots are pre-stressed which means they are made from two pieces of metal and are shaped to the tube to prevent warping. 


Three way tube cutter handles

 Three way tube cutter handles 

The handles of the three way tube cutter have a rubber coating on the outside to aid grip. They are squeezed together with one hand to operate the blade. 

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