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What is a tube cutter?

What is a tube cutter?

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Pipe cutter cutting pipe A tube cutter is a tool which allows the user to cut through plastic tubing, often used by electricians and plumbers.They are available in a number of different styles but all have a sharp blade which slices through the tubing.
Various types of tube cutter There are a number of different models of tube cutter from ratcheting tube cutters to motor powered tube cutters.Different cutters can cut tubing ranging from 3mm (0.1″) to 110mm (4.3″), with each having its own cutting range.
Wonkee Donkee says; The cutting range is the capacity of sizes each particular tube cutters can hold.

How are tube cutters different from pipe cutters?

Pipe cutter and tube cutter Pipe cutters, because they are made to cut metal, cut in a circular motion to prevent the pipe from cracking. As tube cutters are designed to cut softer material, such as PVC, they can cut straight down through the tubing because the material is more malleable.
Wheel tube cutter There is, however, a small tube cutter available which cuts plastic tubing in a circular motion, but the majority have a guillotine-like blade.
Pipe cutter wheel and tube cutter blade The blade of a tube cutter is also different to a pipe cutter. A tube cutter’s blade is made out of stainless steel, whereas the cutting wheel of a pipe cutter is made from hardened and tempered steel which is much stronger. Pipe cutters need a harder cutting wheel as they have to cut through tougher materials.

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