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Tube Cutter Maintenance and Care

Tube Cutter Maintenance and Care

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Tube cutter cutting through leaking pipe Tube cutters are made from corrosion resistant materials so they will not rust. However, to ensure a long life, it is best that they are stored inside.
Replacement tube cutter blade After a prolonged amount of use, the blade on the tube cutter may become dull and need replacing. To find out which tube cutter can have their blades replaced and how to replace them see the How to replace a tube cutter blade page.

How to identify a top quality tool

Recommended If buying the tool online, always buy from a reputable manufacturer, as they will have a relevant product knowledge and may provide guarantees which prove their trust in the product’s quality.
Warped tube Poor quality tube cutters will tend to warp the tubing more than better quality tools. This may be due to a duller blade or the lack of an anvil jaw which provides support.

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