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What is a pivot joint tube cutter?

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Pivot tube cutter The pivot joint tube cutter uses a pivot mechanism to cut tubing with little effort. It is pocket sized and therefore only cuts small plastic tubing.
Pivot joint tube cutter cutting through plastic tubing The pivot joint tube cutter works by having a spring-loaded pivot joint which, when one side is pressed down, holds the blade side open for the tube to be inserted. Once the tool is released, the spring-based pivot system pushes the blade through the tube.
Thick walled plastic tubing The pivot joint tube cutter has an ABS plastic body and a stainless steel blade. As the tool is not as strong as other tube cutters, it does not cut thick walled plastic easily. Walls thicker than 1.6mm (0.06″) require a stronger tube cutter.


3mm and 16mm plastic tubing Pivot tube cutters can cut tube ranging from 3mm (0.1″) in diameter to 16mm (0.6″) in diameter.