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How to use a soil and drain tube cutter?

How to use a soil and drain tube cutter?

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Drain pipe

Step 1 – Make sure pipe is not in use

Make sure the soil or drain pipe you wish to cut is not currently in use if working on an existing piping system.

Soil and drain cutter

Step 2 – Set up tool

Open out the legs so that the tool is stood up on its own and is relatively stable.

Standing on soil and drain cutter footstand

Step 3 – Steady tool

Place your feet on either side of the foot stand to keep the tool steady.

Inserting drain pipe into soil and drain tube cutter

Step 4 – Insert pipe

Insert the pipe so that it is in the correct position to be cut. To do this, make sure that where you wish the pipe to be cut is in line with the blade.

Turning the handle on soil and drain cutter

Step 5 – Make cut

Make the cut by turning the handle around the pipe in a clockwise motion.

Soil and drain tube cutter handle turned clockwise

Step 6 – Tighten blade

Turn the ball of the handle clockwise one turn after every full rotation around the pipe, to tighten the blade and keep the cut going.

Soil and drain tube cutter turning handle anti clockwise

Step 7- Remove pipe

Once the cut is complete, turn the ball handle anti-clockwise to retract the blade. Then remove the pipe from the tool.

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