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How to use a wheel tube cutter?

How to use a wheel tube cutter?

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Step 1 – Turn off water

If cutting an existing water tubing system, make sure the water is turned off before you begin.

Wonkee donkee says; The wheel tube cutter works in the same way as a single handed pipe cutter.
Wheel tube cutter

Step 2 – Place cutter onto tubing

Place the cutter onto the tubing with the one side of tube resting on the rollers, and the other side on the blade.

Wheel tube cutter directional cutting arrow

Step 3 – Make cut

Turn the cutter around the tubing by hand in the direction indicated by the arrow on the cutter’s side.

Wheel tube cutter Keep turning until the cut is complete. Do not attempt to move the cutter sideways before the cut is complete as this will damage the cutter’s blade.

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