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What is a soil and drain tube cutter?

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Soil and drain tube cutter The soil and drain tube cutter is specifically designed for cutting soil and drain tubing (tubing used for drain and guttering pipes). These tubes are much larger and thicker than some other types of tubing.
Soil and drain tubing Soil and drain tubes are around 100mm (4″) in diameter. As they are larger than other plastic tubes, if a tube cutter was used to cut straight down the tube as most tube cutters do, the tubing would crack and become damaged. This is why the soil and drain tube cutter cuts in a circular motion around the outside of the tube.
Soil and drain tube cutter in use The soil and drain cutter is suitable for both left and right handed users as it can be placed on the tube from either side.
Bevelled edge on plastic tube The soil and drain tube cutter can also be used to bevel the end of the tubing. Bevelling means to draw or cut at an angle other than 90°. This means that the soil or drain tubing can have a slanted or rounded edge.


drain tube size 110mm The soil and drain tube cutter is suitable for cutting between 100mm (4″) – 110mm (4.3″) tubing. If cutting larger soil or drain tubing, a different type of tool would be needed; cutters for this type of tube and piping have a metal chain which wraps around the piping. The metal chain cutter can fit multiple sizes of piping due to the adjustable chain and has numerous blades to allow it to cut through very large pipe.