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What are the parts of a ratchet tube cutter?

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   Parts of a ratchet tube cutter; anvil jaw, blade, safety lock, handles, ratchet system.

Ratchet tube cutter blade

Blade of a ratchet tube cutter The blade of the ratchet tube cutter is operated by squeezing the two handles together. It takes around 3 squeezes of the handles to complete a cut.

Ratchet tube cutter anvil jaw

Anvil jaw of tube cutter The piece of tubing is rested in the anvil jaw. It helps the tube keep its shape under the pressure of the blade and prevents some warping.
Wonkee Donkee says; Warping is when the tube cracks or becomes misshapen under the pressure of the blade.

Ratchet tube cutter safety lock

Safety lock on and off on a ratchet tube cutter The safety lock on the ratchet tube cutter is a metal loop which clips over both handle ends to keep them pushed together, therefore keeping the blade pressed into the anvil jaw.

Ratchet tube cutter system

Ratchet mechansim The ratchet mechanism consists of a round gear with slanted grooves (teeth) around the edge and a spring loaded finger or pawl, which prevents a backwards motion. The ratchet mechanism allows the handles to be squeezed together more easily.

Ratchet tube cutter handles

Ratchet tube cutter handles The handles of the ratchet tube cutter control the blade and ratchet mechanism. When squeezed together, the ratchet mechanism is turned and the blade pressed down. The handles need to be squeezed together around three times to complete a cut.