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What is a power plunger used for?

What is a power plunger used for?

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Power plunger unblocking a sink A power plunger has several different-sized cup washers available – these are sized for the following applications:

In kitchen and large sinks, showers and floor drains (cup size 1 ½” (4cm), 3 ¼” dome -4 ½” overall (9.5 – 11.5cm).

Power plunger in toilet To unblock toilets (cup size 5 ½” dome – 8″ overall (14- 20cm)…
Power plunger in small hand sink …and in small hand basins and baths (cup size 1″ (2.5cm), 1 ½” (4cm).
Dome size, overall size The dome size is the part of the washer that sits inside the drain rim and the overall size covers the drain entrance.
Cup washer attachments The cup washer attachments come in a few sizes: 1″ (2.5cm), 1 ½” (4cm), 3 ¼” dome -4 ½” overall (9.5 – 11.5cm)  and 5 ½” dome – 8″ overall (14- 20cm).
Smaller cup washers The smaller sized washers are for sitting inside smaller drain holes e.g. in basins (1″ (2.5 cm), 1 ½” (4cm).
Reversed cup washers  The cup washers are reversible. This allows the washers to be used on many different drain sizes, with a bit of trial and error to select the correct size.

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