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How to clear a blocked sink using a hydrojet pump?

How to clear a blocked sink using a hydrojet pump?

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A step by step guide to using a hydrojet pump

Seal off any over flows

Step 1 – Seal off over flows

Seal off any over flows. A damp towel or cloth can be used, or an alternative method would be to use a piece of tape (strong adhesive tape is best e.g. duct tape).

Remove any drain covers

Step 2 – Remove plugs

Remove any drain or plug hole covers

Fit the correct size washer

Step 3 – Fit correct washer

Select and fit the washer of the correct size to the hydrojet pump

Half fill the sink with water

Step 4 – Fill sink

Fill the sink with water (if needed).

plunger over plug hole

Step 5 – Draw handle out of body

Draw the handle out of the body, to draw water into the body of the plunger.

Press down on the plunger handle firmly

Step 6 – Plunge handle down

Forcefully press down on the plunger handle. This will release a jet of water down the drain to shift the blockage.

When using the hydrojet pump ensure you have a tight seal over the drain, as when you push the handle down  you don’t want the water escaping!
Check to see if blockage has cleared

Step 7 – Check flow

To check the flow of water, pour water in to the sink, and watch to see if it flows away down the drain (if the blockage is clear you will see the water level drop).

If there is still a blockage present, repeat steps 4 to 6.

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