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What are the different types of concertina plunger?

What are the different types of concertina plunger?

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There are four types of concertina plunger:

Master concertina plunger

Master plunger The largest of the concertina plungers. This plunger is approximately 45cm (17.7″) in length. It has a 125mm (5″) wide bellowed cup, to cover larger drain holes and a detachable handle to aid cleaning.

Mini master concertina plunger

Mini master plunger 4" (100mm) wide The mini concertina plunger has a smaller head diameter of 100mm (4″). It is designed for smaller plunging requirements e.g. plunging hand basins. This plunger also has a detachable handle to aid cleaning.

Handy concertina plunger

Handy plunger The handy plunger has the same head diameter as the mini master plunger and a total length of  just under 325mm (13″).

This plunger differs from the mini and master concertina plungers as it does not have a removable handle and has a shorter handle length, ideal for plunging in tight spaces (e.g. small basins).

Micro concertina plunger

Micro plunger The micro plunger is for use in confined spaces e.g. half size basin. This plunger is ideal for use in caravans and boats, where storage space is minimal.

With its small compact size 100mm (4″) head diameter), it can easily be stowed.

Are there any other types of concertina plunger?

Toilet plunger

Toilet concertina plunger

A toilet concertina plunger is different to the other concertina plungers. It has a narrow end designed for fitting down toilet gulleys.

This plunger can also be used in hard-to-reach drains where a little more flexibility is needed e.g. bathroom sinks with fixed taps.

The narrow end of  the toilet plunger fits  in to the gulley This type of concertina plunger is designed for plunging toilets. The narrow size of the plunger directs the force of water created by the bellows around the U-bend of a toilet.
A U bend is the U shaped section of pipe  at the base of a toilet.  The start of this bend inside the toilet  is called the gulley.
Cup and concertina plungers, perform the same task, it is just personal preference which you choose The concertina plunger is a variation of the cup and flange plunger, and although it may seem to have taken over from the cup and flange plunger design, it is down to personal preference which you choose.

Some people find the concertina plunger easier to use due to the bellow design, while others prefer the more physically demanding requirements of the cup or flange plunger.

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