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What is a flange plunger used for?

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What do you use a flange plunger for? A flange plunger is designed to remove blockages from toilet gulleys.

How is a flange plunger different to a cup plunger?

Cup plunger and flange plunger

A flange plunger is distinctive from a cup plunger by the piece of rubber which forms a neck at the base of the cup

Flange folded in to cup The flange of rubber can fold into the inside of the cup, so the plunger can be used as a cup plunger.
A flange plunger can be used in a sink This means that the flange plunger can be used for the same applications as a cup plunger e.g unblocking sinks.
Its is not recommended to use the flange plunger for both sink and toilet use Although the flange plunger is primarily designed for use on toilets, it can be used in sinks. However, it is not recommended (for hygiene reasons) to use the plunger for both.

If you do decide to use the plunger for both applications, ensure it is thoroughly disinfected between usage.