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What are the parts of a suction plunger?

What are the parts of a suction plunger?

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T piece handle, shaft, flexible rubber, plastic plate, securing screw

Suction plunger ‘T’ section

T section The ‘T’ section handle provides the user with more space to grip and push down on when plunging.

Suction plunger shaft

Shaft on the suction plunger The shaft is the section between the T piece handle and the flexible rubber end. The screw, which holds the flexible rubber and plastic plate in place, screws into the end of the shaft.
T shaped handle gets its name from the shape. The main handle fits in to a smaller section of wood, making the handle and looks like the shape of the letter T.

Suction plunger rubber plate

Flexible rubber The part which forces the water when plunging is called the flexible rubber.

Suction plunger plastic plate

Plastic plate The plastic plate section, provides the flexible rubber with reinforcement.

Suction plunger securing screw

Securing screw The securing screw fits into the end of the shaft. It goes through the plastic plate and the rubber, securing them onto the shaft.

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