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What are the different types of plunger?

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There are a few types of plunger available to choose from:

Cup plunger

Cup plunger The traditional cup plunger, is designed for use in sinks, baths and other drains on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Flange plunger

Flange plunger The flange plunger is designed for use in toilets. The flange helps to create a seal in the toilet gulley and will also retract into the cup of the plunger to allow it to be used as a cup plunger

For more information, see section:  What is a flange plunger?

Suction plunger

Suction plunger A suction plunger is designed for use in toilets or drains. The flat shape of the plunger head as well as the flexible rubber material means it can easily fit down most toilet gulleys.

For more information, see section:  What is a suction plunger?

Concertina plunger

Master plunger A modern approach on the traditional cup plunger, which can be used for sinks, baths, other drains and toilets. The concertina plunger has a bellowed body designed to increase the force of water behind each plunge of the plunger for tough blockages.

Power plunger

Power plunger The power plunger uses air pressure to remove the blockage in the drains, and is designed for use on sinks and baths. Some models can also be used on toilets too.

Hydrojet power pump

Hydro jet power pump This type of plunger uses a jet of water to clear drains or toilets. It requires manual power to draw water into the body and expel it out into the drain with force for tough stubborn blockages.