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What are the parts of a power plunger?

What are the parts of a power plunger?

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Pump, trigger, cup washer, cylinder, pressure release valve

Power plunger pump

Pump, pump body The pump is the part which creates the build-up of air pressure in the cylinder.

Power plunger trigger

Trigger on the power plunger Once the build-up of pressure is obtained in the cylinder, the pressure is released by the pull of the trigger

Power plunger pressure relief valve

Release valve The hand-operated valve allows the pressure in the cylinder to be varied, by allowing small amounts of air to be released out of the cylinder.

Power plunger cylinder

Cylinder of the pump The cylinder is where the air is stored under pressure until the trigger is pulled.

Power plunger cup washer

Adapter for the power pump to drain The cup washer sits over the drain cover and directs the pressurised air down the drain.

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