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What are the parts of a flange plunger?

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Flange, Cup, Handle
Flange plunger The flange plunger is designed for unblocking toilets.

Flange plunger handle

The handle The plunger handle is normally made from wood, but some can be made from plastic.

Flange plunger cup

Cup of a flange plunger The flange plunger has a half domed head called the cup, inside this cup is the flange.

Flange plunger flange

Flange on a flange plunger The flange is a piece of rubber which extends out of the cup, designed to fit down inside the gulley in a toilet.
Ubend is the U section of pipe

What is the gulley?

A U bend is the U shaped section of pipe at the base of a toilet.

A toilet gullet is the starting section of the U bend, where the water sits The start of this bend inside the toilet is called the gulley.