What is a plunger?

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 What is a plunger? A plunger is a device which is used to release blockages in pipework. 
 Head, handle 

It is made up of a handle and a half dome shaped head. 

 Plungers have many different types, but they all serve the same purpose to unblock pipe work 

Plungers vary in shape and although they all serve the same purpose (to remove blockages), there are different types available. 


There are three main types of plunger available: 

 Cup plunger 

Cup plunger

 Flange plunger 

Flange plunger

 Suction plunger 

Suction plunger

 What is a cup plunger, and what is it used for? 

 See section:  What are the different types of plunger? for more information. 


And two types of pressurised plunger:

 Power plunger uses air pressure to unblock drains  

Power plunger - uses air to unblock drains

 Hydrojet plunger uses water pressure to unblock drains  

Hydrojet pump - uses water to unblock drains

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