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What are the parts of a hydrojet pump?

What are the parts of a hydrojet pump?

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Handle, body, cup washer, water jet hole, piston,

Hydrojet pump handle

The handle The handle of a hydrojet pump is pulled up and out of the body to draw up water.

Hydrojet pump body

The body of the hydrojet pump The body of the pump is where the water is held, before it is fired into the drain. It is drawn in by the piston pulling back via the handle.

Hydrojet pump cup washer

The cup washer The cup washer provides the seal around the drain entrance. This helps to create a vacuum when drawing water into the body. The air tight seal also helps to provide maximum pressure when discharging the water.

Hydrojet pump water jet hole

Water jet hole This is where the water is fired out of the body of the pump and into the drain hole.

What are the types of hydrojet pump cup washer?

Adapters The cup washer is available in 3 different sizes: Small cup washer, large cup washer and the toilet washer.
Small adapter for small drains

Small cup washer

This is sized for small sinks and drains.

Large adapter for hydrojet pump

Large cup washer

This size is for larger sinks, baths, shower and large drains.

Toilet adapter

Toilet washer

The toilet washer is designed to fit into toilet gulleys.

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