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How to use a concertina plunger?

How to use a concertina plunger

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Cup and Concertina plunger A concertina plunger is used just like a cup plunger.

Using a concertina plunger in a sink…

Mini plunger in a sink Concertina plungers use the same pumping action of plunging, by compressing and expanding the bellows.
How to use a concertina plunger in a sink Although they look and work differently to cup plungers, the way concertina plungers are used is the same. (See section

Using a toilet concertina plunger…

See section using a flange plunger The toilet plunger works in the same way as a flange plunger.

See section on Concertina Plungers.

Using a concertina toilet plunger Because the concertina toilet plunger has no flange, the narrow end of the toilet plunger will fit into the gulley, instead of having to create a seal as you would with a flange plunger.

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