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What is a cup plunger?

What is a cup plunger?

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Cup plunger The cup plunger has several given names: the classic plunger, original plunger, plumber’s friend and sink plunger.
Cup plungers look like ball cut in half with a handle attached A cup plunger looks like a half cut ball on a handle
Cup plunger is the first plunger to be though of for plunging applications It is usually the first type of plunger that comes to mind when plunging applications arise.
Selection of plungers Cup plungers may come in a variety of colours, cup and handle sizes.

The colour has no effect on the plunger’s performance – simply pick your favourite!

Cup diameter

There are several sizes of cup plunger available to purachse The cup diameters are available sized at a large 120mm (4 ¾ “), medium size of 100 mm ( 4″) and smallest size of  75 mm (3”).

Different manufacturers will provide different sizes of cups for the plunger.

When choosing the cup size, make sure the cup edges have space left to cover an area bigger than just the drain hole. This will help to create a tight seal.

Handle length

Different manufacturers will provide different lengths of handle Depending on the manufacturer, the handle length of the plunger may vary. Some may offer a larger size cup on a small handle, whilst others may offer a smaller cup on a longer handle.

There is plenty of variety to be found, all you have to do is decide which is better suited to your needs (e.g. in a small confined space, a plunger with a shorter handle would be better suited as a longer handle would take up more space and make plunging a bit tricky).

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