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What are plungers made of?

What are plungers made of?

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Plungers can vary in the materials they are made from Although plungers may vary in size, shape and colour, they are usually made of the same basic materials.


Most plungers have wooden handles The handles of cup plungers, flange plungers and suction plungers are usually made from wood.
Wood can be machined easily and quickly in to a desired shape Wood is used for handles, as it can be cheaply and easily machined into the desired shape, length and width, whilst still providing a sturdy and strong handle.
Some people may even decorate either toilet plunger handles Some manufacturers may even paint the wooden handle, to make the toilet plunger more decorative and pleasing to the eye!
Wood is versatile, durable and weather resistant Wood is durable, versatile and weather resistant. Although the plunger may not be left outside to the elements, when used for plunging, it is likely to get wet, so it needs to be able to withstand use in water.


Plungers can also be made from plastic Plungers can have a plastic handle, or the plunger itself can be made from plastic e.g. the power plunger, hydro jet plunger or the concertina plunger.
Plastic can be moulded in to many shapes and sizes Plastic can be moulded into many different shapes and sizes.
Plastic is durable and versitile Plastic is used for plungers, as it is durable, water-resistant, hard wearing and easily cleaned.
A concertina plunger in two parts It can be used to form part of the body of the plunger, or to make up the plunger in two separate parts.
Some toilet plungers can have plastic handles Occasionally, manufacturers will produce a toilet plunger with a plastic handle, decorated with novelty designs or colours.

Plastic handles on cup/flange/suction plungers do not tend to be made, as they are more likely to bend and break than a wooden handle.


The cup on plungers is made from rubber The half cup end of a plunger (flat disk on suction plungers) is made from rubber.
Rubber bands are a commonly used elastic rubber Rubber is a sturdy but flexible material which has elastic properties (rubber bands are an incredibly elastic rubber), making it highly resistant to tearing and ripping during use.
Rubber can be used in water with out any effects on its ability to work Rubber is also weather-resistant, which allows it to be fully submerged in water without the water having an effect on its performance.

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