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What is a hydrojet pump used for?

What is a hydrojet pump used for?

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A hydrojet pump can be used for several drain unblocking applications:

Clearing sink drains

Large adapter is used for unblocking sinks Small sink and basin drains can be cleared using the small washer attachment.

Clearing toilet gullies

Toilet adapter, is designed to fit in toilet gulleys The hydrojet pump can be used to clear blocked toilet gulleys, as its toilet washer attachment is specifically for this purpose.

Clearing floor drains

Hydro jet pumps can be effective at clearing floor drains Large sink and floor drains can be unblocked using the large washer attachment.

Are their variations of this type of pump?

More powerful version of the hydro jet pump The force pump is another type of pump which uses a powerful jet of water to move blockages.
Force cup The force pump works in the same way as the hydrojet pump.
Force pump clearing a sink blockage This type of pump is larger in size and is designed to be used for more heavy duty blockages, where a stronger jet of water may be required (e.g. larger drains in which bigger blockages can accumulate or for a tough blockage that other types of plunger are unable to move).
Force pump with toilet attachment The force pump also has a toilet attachment (larger in diameter and length), for clearing gulley blockages.
The Hydrojet plunger has one disadvantage.  To plunge successfully , the handle has to be  forced down quickly, if you do not have a lot of  upper body strength, you may need  a strong helper to plunge for you.

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