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What is a concertina plunger?

What is a concertina plunger?

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Master plunger A concertina plunger, also known as an accordion plunger, is a modern version of the traditional cup plunger.
Bellows on a master plunger The plunger has concertinaed sides, which give it a more powerful plunge.
     Concertinaed is when the sides of an object are crushed or folded in together, to give a wave effect.

What’s the difference between a concertina, cup and flange plunger?

Bellows A concertina plunger cup is made up of bellows. The bellows increase the amount of water displacement when plunging.
  When the handle is pulled upwards, this stretches the bellows, drawing in water by creating a sucking pressure.
  The handle is then pushed down, forcing water into the gulley to dislodge the blockage.
The bigger the displacement of water, the greater the force applied to the blockage in the pipe.
If the blockage has been building up over time, and is not as simple as a recently  dropped mobile phone down the toilet, it may require more power to move.

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