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What is hot rasping?

What is hot rasping?

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Image of a horse shoe that is still hot from the forge Hot rasping is a technique used by farriers, where rasps are used to shape newly forged horse shoes before they are cool.
Image of hot iron which is soft enough to be shaped with a rasp The soft nature of the hot metal means that the rasps can shape them more easily than they could if they were cool.
Wonkee Donkee reminds DIYers that rasps are usually designed for use with softer materials than metal
Image to illustrate the idea of a horse rasp that is too worn to effectively file horse's hooves Horse rasps tend to be used for this process once they have become too worn to use on a horse’s hoof.
A double cut file, which has grooves cut in two directions As they have double cut file teeth on the back, they offer the farrier versatility, allowing them to work to a greater degree of accuracy.

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