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What are the basic parts of a file handle?

What are the parts of a file handle?

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Illustation of the basic parts of a file handle including the ferrule

File handle base

Image showing the bases of a selection of file handles The base of the handle contains the hole into which the tang of your file should be inserted.
Image of a DIYer attaching a wooden handle to a round file

How to attach a handle to a file

Most file handles that are available are push fit, which means that attaching them to your file is as simple as just pushing the tang into the hole in the handle.

Image to illustrate that a file held into its handle by friction cannot fall out These handles work by friction, meaning that once they have been wedged in, pressure from the handle itself will hold the tang firmly in place.
Image of a screw-on file handle, showing the internal thread that will cut a groove into a file's tang In some cases, you will come across screw fit files, which have hardened teeth inside the hole in the base that will score a spiral groove into the soft metal of the tang for added grip.
A plastic file handle that is designed to clip onto the heel of a file as well as accept the tang Some plastic handles are designed to clip onto the heel of the file as well as sliding over the tang. You can tell if your handle is designed to do this by checking to see if there are bracket-like fittings at the base, as shown in the picture to the left.

File handle ferrule

Image to show that a ferrule is a metal band at the bottom of a wooden file handle The ferrule is the metal strip around the bottom of a wooden handle.
A piece of zinc, which is plated over the steel used on a ferrule to prevent corrosion This strip is made of steel that is plated with zinc to prevent corrosion.
Image to reinforce the idea that a ferrule will prevent a wooden file from cracking This metal band prevents the wood from cracking at the base. Putting pressure on the handle could otherwise result in the tang trying to tear through it!

File handle hanging hole

Image of the hanging hole in a plastic file handle Some plastic handles are moulded with hanging holes, so they can easily be stored on a rack.
A rack storing multiple files safely This helps to protect the files from damage as a result of rattling around in a tool drawer.

File handle rubber grip

Image of a plastic file handle with rubber sections marked Plastic handles often include rubber sections. In some cases, the plastic that the handle is made of is rubberised.
Image to show a tool with a rubberised grip This improves grip on the file handle and also makes it more comfortable to use.

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