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What is a veneer knife file?

What is a veneer knife file?

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Image showing a veneer knife file's cut and profile Veneer knife files are saw files that are designed specifically to sharpen and maintain veneer knives.

What is a veneer knife?

A selection of veneer knives, which can be sharpened with a veneer knife file

A veneer knife is a blade made for cutting veneer, a very thin layer of wood that is used to cover other wooden panels.

Diagram showing the location of the arch shaped slits that allow a veneer knife blade to attach to a cutting machine Arch-shaped slots are cut into the back of the blade so that it can be attached as a component in a cutting machine.
A cut-throat razor illustrating the sharpness of files that are made using chrome-alloy steel The blade itself is used for chopping rather than slicing and must therefore be kept razor sharp.

What are the characteristics of a veneer knife file?

Image of a rectangle with rounded edges, the cross-sectional shape of a veneer knife file

Cross section

A veneer knife file’s cross section is a rectangle with rounded edges. The veneer knife file’s faces are best suited to sharpening the blade, while the edges can be used to deburr and clean up the arch-shaped slits.

Image showing the purpose of the faces and edges on a veneer knife file

Profile & cut

They are blunt and single cut on all faces.

Image of a DIYer cross filing a blade As with a mill file sharpening a knife, the cross filing technique is used when sharpening the blade of a veneer knife. It is also used when filing the arched recesses for the screws.
An indication of the range of lengths in which veneer knife files are usually available


Veneer knife files are usually available in lengths from 200mm (8 inches) to 250mm (10 inches)

The American flag, representing American pattern files

Swiss or American?

Veneer knife files are American pattern files.

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