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How to create a bevelled edge with a file?

How to create a bevelled edge with a file

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Image showing the shape of a flat file Hand files and flat files can be used to create bevelled edges on a piece of material.
Image of a platinum ring with a bevelled edge Bevelled edges are desirable because they look neat, and also because they have no sharp, right-angled corners.

What is a bevelled edge?

A polished stone surface with a bevelled edge An edge is considered to be bevelled if the corner has been ground away to a smooth surface.
Illustration of a 45 degree angle which is a common choice for bevels Edges are commonly ground in this way at 45°, although almost any angle is possible.

How to create a bevelled edge with a file

A luthier filing a bevel on a guitar fret Bevelling with a file is a simple process, and works in much the same way as filing a flat edge. All you need to do is hold your file at the angle of the bevel you would like to create.
Image of a DIYer putting a bevel on a piece of wood by cross filing it with a rasp Cross filing is the best technique to start this process, working all the way along the edge of the workpiece and taking care to keep the filing angle the same the whole way.

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Image of a DIYer draw filing a bevel on a piece of metal If you are putting a bevel on a wide surface, it can now be draw filed to a smooth, even finish.

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