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What is a filing block?

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A metal work piece being secured in a vice so that it can be filed When preparing an object to be filed, it should be fixed in a vice so that it cannot move around.
A DIYer gripping a file properly with two hands, hence the reason why a vice is required to hold the work piece Filing is a two-handed job, leaving a DIYer short of a way to hold the workpiece steady if a vice is not used.
Image to show a filing block made of wood protecting a saw blade from being damaged by the hard jaws of a metal vice A filing block is a protective piece of material that prevents damage to the object you’re filing by keeping it out of contact with the vice’s hard jaws.
Image of a type of filing block made for a saw, which has a slit cut so that it will be encased within the wooden block when it is clamped into the vice Filing blocks are usually made from wood or soft metal. You can use any suitable item that’s lying around in your workshop!
Image of a DIYer using a tea towel to protect an axe head from the jaws of a vice It’s possible to use thick cloth in place of a file block, although this is much less effective than wood.