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What are saw files?

What are saw files?

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DIYer sharpening a rip saw with a taper saw file Saw files (also known as sharpening files) are primarily designed for sharpening bladed metal tools.
A taper saw file, a saw with a triangular cross section The majority of saw files are triangular or diamond-shaped, as they have been designed to fit between the teeth of a saw.
Image of a chainsaw alongside a chainsaw file, a tool designed specifically for sharpening it Those files that are different will have been developed to sharpen specific tools, such as chainsaws. These tools may be circular, rectangular or square.
The American flag, representing American pattern files Saw files are always American pattern.
A single cut file with teeth cut in just one direction on the file's face They are most often single cut, as double cut files would result in an irregular edge when sharpening, thanks to their diamond-shaped teeth.
A DIYer sharpening a chainsaw with a file Examples of saw files include taper saw files, which are used for sharpening hand saws, and chainsaw files.

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