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How to store a file correctly?

How to store a file correctly

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A rack storing multiple files safely Files are easy to store. There are just two things to remember that will help to keep your files in top condition for a long time.
Wonkee Donkee reiterates that protecting a file's teeth is important

Put your files away carefully

Image of files stored in random heaps, which can cause breakage or damage to the teeth As tempting as it is to sling your tools into a drawer or storage bin once you’ve finished using them, this can cause teeth to break off, or your file to snap.
A lump of carbon which is used in the steel alloying process during file making This is because the people who forged your file designed it so that it would be as resistant as possible to damage through wear or being bent by using a high amount of carbon during the alloying process.
A file that has broken due to a sudden impact Weakness to sudden shocks is a side effect of this process. Other elements can help to compensate for this, but they can’t always mitigate it completely.

Keep your files separate

A DIYer using a single cut file to deburr a piece of sheet metal Files are abrasive tools that have been designed to wear through other substances during use, including other metals.
Image of two files colliding with each other thanks to being kept loose inside a drawer When they come into contact with other files, however, they are contacting a material that has equal hardness.
Image to illustrate the fact that two files coming into contact with one another can cause damage This means that both files have the potential to cause damage to one another.
A file rack in which files can be safely stored without damaging one another The best way to keep this from happening is to hang your files up on a rack after use. Some file handles have a built in hanging hole which makes this particularly easy.
A drawer for storing files complete with dividers to prevent them from wearing down each other's faces If you can’t hang up your files, it’s better to use dividers to keep them apart in your drawer or toolbox rather than just keeping them loose.

Keep away from moisture

An auger bit file that has been allowed to go rusty and is no longer fit for use Files should always be stored in a dry place. They can rust easily and, once they have, they are no longer usable.

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