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How do files work?

How do files work?

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A single cut file with teeth cut in just one direction on the file's face The rough edge of a file is cut with a series of sharp cutting edges known as ‘teeth’.
DIYer using the proper cross filing technique to smooth a piece of metal As the DIYer pushes the file along the material, applying light pressure, these teeth slice into it one after another to wear it down to a roughly flat surface.
A woodworker demonstrating abrasion by wearing down a piece of wood with a rasp In this way, files work through ‘abrasion’, a repetitive process that involves rubbing something rough against a piece of material to smooth it down.
Sandpaper, an abrasive tool that works in the same way as a file This is the same concept as using a rough piece of sandpaper to smooth the edges of a piece of wood.

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