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What is an auger bit file?

What is an auger bit file?

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Two different views of the tool used to sharpen auger bits which is known as an auger bit file Auger bit files are saw files. They are unusual in that they have two heads with a handle in the middle.
An auger bit which is used for drilling wood Auger bit files are used to sharpen a specific type of drill bit used in woodworking called (you guessed it!) an auger bit.
A corkscrew, depicted her for the similarities it shares with an auger bit for a drill These drill bits work in a similar way to a cork screw and have a sharp edge that starts from the bottom of the bit and twists upwards.
Image to show the part of the auger bit that is cut with a screw thread. This can also be cleaned or repaired by an auger bit file. They also have a section with a much tighter thread, almost like a screw, which helps the drill bit to stay on course.

What are the characteristics of an auger bit file?

Image showing the cross section and outline of an auger bit file

Cross section and profile

The cross section of an auger bit file is thin and rectangular. Both heads are spear shaped, tapering in width towards the point.

Image to show where the cut section of an auger bit file head it located, along with the safe edges that surround it


One one head, just one of the faces is single cut. On the other head, both edges are cut. The rest of the file is safe.

An auger bit file alongside an auger bit Auger bit files have specific segments that must be kept sharp. These areas are at awkward angles, and it is important that no other parts of the bit are accidentally filed down.
An auger bit being sharpened by an auger bit file The taper of an auger bit file, along with its safe edges, allow DIYers to sharpen the bits without the worry of accidentally damaging their tool.

For a step by step guide on sharpening auger bits, see: How to sharpen an auger bit with a file

An indication of the range of lengths in which auger bit files are usually available Auger bit files are usually available in lengths from 175mm (7 inches) to 200mm (8 inches).
Image to illustrate that neither the American nor the Swiss pattern grading systems apply to this file

Swiss or American?

Auger bit files are specialist tools, and are therefore neither classed as American nor Swiss pattern files.

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