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What is the size of a chuck?

What is chuck size?

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Cordless screwdriver and chuck When selecting a cordless screwdriver, you will probably come across the term: ‘chuck size’.

Chuck size is not the size of the entire chuck, it refers to the largest shank diameter the chuck will accept.

What is the shank diameter?

Shanks The shank diameter is the measurement across the centre of the bit’s shank. It determines whether or not you can use that particular bit with your tool.

This measurement varies depending on the shape of the shank.

Hexagonal base shank view Screwdriver bits always have a hex shank, which is hexagonally shaped.

The diameter of a hex shank is the measurement through the center of the shank, across the flat sides.

Chuck head The chucks on cordless screwdrivers come in two imperial sizes:

  • 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
  • 3/8 inch (10mm)
Chuck Quite simply, the larger the chuck size, the larger shank diameter of bit it can accept.

You will find that most cordless screwdrivers have a 6.35mm chuck. This means that they can accept screwdriver or drill bits with a maximum shank diameter of 6.35mm.

cordless drill driver A 6.35mm chuck is sufficient for most screwdriving projects around the home.

If you are planning on more heavy duty work, such as drilling, consider selecting a cordless drill driver, which will have a larger chuck size.

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